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How Green Are We

Our “green” credentials must be the envy of many a much larger business!

Most of our electricity is produced by our 15kw Proven wind turbine which produces between 30,000 and 40,000kw per year. This isn’t one of the huge turbines, it’s only 19m (60feet) to the tips of the blades and not 100m+, but as our offices and yard sit on top of a hill we usually get plenty of wind! It also sends some electricity back into the national grid so, if you are on a green tariff, you could be viewing this page using our exported electricity.

In 2002 we planted 56,000 trees on 70 acres of land to offset the CO2 produced by our trucks. There is currently no viable alternative to diesel power when it comes to delivering topsoil so we felt that this was the best option available.

There are a wide selection of species and we are pleased to say that the range of wildlife that now inhabit this area is astounding, especially in comparison to what was there before when it was only grassland.

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